Coc Bot Mac - ParrotBot 8.

Coc bot for Mac OS with Nox App player running clash of clans. ParrotBot started in 2016 and till then we provide you the only real bot for your Mac laptop, Mac Pro or iMac.

Available for the latest “December Update” 2019 !

Happy User.

"" My experience with ParrotBot has been very pleasant, the bot simply does what it’s supposed to do. I leave my computer on and go to work, by the time I get home my storages are full. The developers of the bot are very easy to work with and they have been able to answer my questions and come up with solutions for my demands. Overall, I highly recommend this bot. ""

What you need.

1. Intel Apple laptop, Mac Pro, iMac, mini Mac, Hackintosh.

2. Mac OS 10.10 and greater.

3. Display resolution equal or greater than 1400px X 900px.

4. Can train troops with “Quick Train”.

Noob or Pro?

ParrotBot 8 is designed to deliver you maximum results. Thanks to the feedback you gave us we have implement options that are truly tested to your needs. 

ParrotBot Team.

ParrotBot is the only bot in the whole planet for coc game on every Mac!!!! No fancy website or chatting on social media. We are just like you, ordinary people who love this game and we have “daily needs”. ParrotBot is a great project and we stay alive due to your support. We will treat to every member unique and we will spend as much time as it needs to carefully understand this tool. 

Video Tutorial.

Just make sure you watch this video. It will show everything you need to know about Parrotbot.

Feed us with coffee.

Ok, lets go to the point now. You want ParrotBot and we agree. Donate 20$ once for supporting us and you are done. We send you your lifetime ParrotBot on your PayPal email. If you got any questions feel free to contact us at (different timezones, so expect any delay answering you) in English language please. 🙂

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